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Morrish & Co Personal Injury Services
By: Morrish & Co Solicitors
Solicitors in Leeds

At Morrish & Co we offer a range of legal services including a free personal injury claims service.

Finding quality in the world of injury claims is not easy. Members of the public are presented with an apparently bewildering choice. There are the so–called specialist companies who advertise on television but who are probably not lawyers at all. Then there are non-specialist solicitors, who are of course to be found in every town and on every high street. But there are out there quality lawyers with expertise in all the right areas, including personal injury.

It is bad enough to suffer injury but great additional stress and trauma can be caused if your claim is not dealt with properly and with care.

Quality Counts

At Morrish & Co we are specialist lawyers with a true empathy for the client’s needs, real expertise and independently inspected and verified quality standards. “Lexcel” is an accreditation little understood outside the legal profession but it is the Law Society “Kitemark” for solicitors firms. Quality advice to clients needs qualified and motivated solicitors and support staff, hence the Investor In People standard. Legal knowledge and training are vital. Our Head of Personal Injury, Martin Bare, is a Fellow of the College of Personal Injury Law, a college set up to ensure just that.

One example of our approach may be our established arrangements for Rehabilitation: independent help for the victim of injury to maximise recovery and shorten recovery time. It could be as simple as physiotherapy but in a serious case it may be multi disciplinary brain injury assessment and therapies. We have never met an injured person who didn’t want to get better more than they wanted compensation. Rehabilitation is key to this. The claim continues nevertheless and the innocent victim gets both help and compensation.

Legal Costs

Our legal system is a “winner takes all” system. If you show fault and win your claim then the loser pays the damages (compensation) and the legal costs. But if you lose then you have to pay the other side’s costs, which will be thousands of pounds. A “no win - no fee” promise from your solicitor means they will not charge you for their services but you will still be responsible for the other side’s bill and the medical and court fees incurred. Bringing an injury claim can still be a very expensive exercise indeed.

As a client of Morrish & Co, we can arrange to fund the entire claim so that the other side’s legal costs are paid if the case is lost – at no cost to you.

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